This article was originally written as part of a coaching booklet given to players who were selected to play in the Queensland Schoolboys team at the 1973 Australian National Championships against the might of Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

Many of the ideas below were ingrained in the players in the big states as Australian Football was the game everybody played. In Queensland it was a minor sport. Consequently, there was much less passing on of these ideas to young players. In modern football, what appears below could be considered the beginning of a basic team plan.

So, during the pre-championship preparation, these rules were instilled in the team and practised in their practice games in the hope that they team would be more competitive.

The goals are:

1. Win the race to the ball:

He, who controls the ball, controls the game.

2. Develop a high level of physical fitness:

What a tremendous advantage you will have if you are physically fit for the game.

3. Be a team footballer:

Let your motto be “One for and all for one”.

4. Have great concentration:

Concentrate for every second of the whole game. Lapses cost goals.

5. Exude confidence:

Have confidence in not only yourself, but your team mates and coach.

6. Have courage:

To win the race to the ball;

To go and get ufabet เว็บหลัก the ball;

To contest at all times; (no matter how hopeless it is).

To keep striving no matter how the situation appears;

To accept the decision of the coach;

To have the discipline necessary to give of your best.

7. Instant recovery:

It is the key to football particularly in these situations:

(a) The rebound ball;

(b) When beaten by the bounce of the ball;

(c) After competing for a spilt mark;

(d) When taking a bump or “knock” from an opposing player;

(e) When a ball is badly kicked to a leading player;

(f) After delivering the ball;

(g) When you are knocked to the ground or fall.

8. Develop a Positive Mental Attitude about your ability to play.

“Football battles don’t always go to the stronger or better player, but sooner or later the man who wants to win and wins is the man who thinks he can”.

9. Learn to become the “loose” man or the “man over”.

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