Video games have been increasingly demonized in our society over the past few years. What many people do not know is that playing video games can actually help you develop some important physical and mental skills that will help you in your everyday life. In this article I will explain the numerous benefits of playing video games, as well as share the times when I was able to avoid serious injury and perhaps even death because of the skills I gained from gaming.

You Will Become A Better Driver

One of the biggest benefits I have enjoyed as a result of playing video games is the positive effect it has had on my driving skills. I have avoided countless accidents because of the experience and reflexes I have gained from playing driving games. I am able to stay calm even when I am driving on icy roads and start to skid. Most people know you are supposed to steer into the skid, yet many people panic and lose control of their vehicle. After handling skids so many times while playing driving games, it is easy for me to quickly and safely regain control of my vehicle.

Hand-Eye Coordination And Reaction Times Are Improved

Every year in the spring I play in a slow pitch softball league for fun. Last year I was pitching in a game and the batter hit a screaming line drive right at my face. The only thing that เว็บแทงบอลsaved me was a split-second reaction of getting my glove in front of my face. The force of the ball was so great that it knocked me off my feet when I caught it. Playing fast paced action games helped me to develop the necessary hand-eye coordination and reaction time that prevented what could have been a serious injury.

Gaming Will Boost Your Problem Solving Skills

When you solve puzzles and figure out the best strategies to be successful in video games, you stimulate the problem solving part of your brain. This can help you be more successful in other areas of your life, including your career.

Added Benefits Of Online Multiplayer Games

There are some extra benefits to be gained by playing games online with other people. Team based games can improve your teamwork and communication skills, as these are the vital ingredients needed if your team is going to win.

The social aspect of online gaming is another attractive perk to many people. Lots of friendships, business contacts, and even romances have been formed by people playing online games together.

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