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Sweet wine and why we don?t drink it any more

Why is it that sweet wines have had such bad press over the past couple of decades? Why has the consumption of a once extremely popular wine type been so relegated?

We love sweet wine and we have always loved it, for the simple reason it tastes so moreish. We believe that one should drink precisely what one?s palate dictates. But that is becoming a virtual impossibility now because of the so called ?wine experts?, who dictate to a great extent what we buy and, therefore, what types of wine we drink.

Strange how habits change, and not always for the better either. Anyone who has bought sweet wine over the last few years, to drink with guests or to take to a party is often seen as a ?wine outcast? - someone who knows little to nothing about wine at all.

Of course this is complete nonsense and nobody could ever ?educate? one's palate to like, say in contrast, the bone-dry wines which literally set the teeth on edge.

So yes, sweet wines have been relegated to the end of mealtimes, or to drink with dessert now and then. But it is the social stigma which accompanies even the mention of them, and of course, the snobbery that goes with it all that really grates. All supplied in generous doses by people who really should know better. Really, it makes us want to go out and buy a case of half decent sweet red just to annoy them.

In our humble opinion we should not tolerate such people! Let them get on with their sniffing and spitting, ignore them completely and drink precisely whatever we wish.

Otherwise, all is well in the world of Bill Warry's Wine!