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Which is the best red wine?

Thankfully we all differ in our tastes for pretty much everything in life, from holidays, the cars we drive, what constitutes beauty, what is good or bad etc. And of course we differ in deciding what exactly is the best red wine according to our own taste preferences.

Now, here in the UK most of us do not drink much, if at all when having lunch. And reasons for that could be because we have to drive afterwards, or that a glass or two of wine makes us sleepy.

The French for instance drink wine with their lunch on a regular basis, but the way in which they drink it, and the fact that many of them water it down, means the after effects are much less than with drinking neat wine. And because their wine intake exceeds ours by a sizable margin, they tend to seek out the best red wine possible for a given price.

Your own taste buds are the main indicators when choosing the best red wine, but there are some guidelines that will help in selecting a suitable bottle. Knowing how to choose good red wine will be useful for you in years to come, but having said that, it must suit you and nobody else. So don?t let the "wine snobs" influence you in any way!