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Best sparkling wine

Like any other wines, sparkling wine varies in taste because of various factors such as the soil the grapes are grown in, the amount of clay therein, whether the growing time was sunny, was there a frost at the right or wrong time etc etc.

If you are thinking about purchasing some sparkling wine then you can afford to be a bit cheeky. It's not cheap after all. See if your local wine merchant will let you taste first, and if you like what you see then buy just a bottle to make sure. After that you can buy the same thing, say, online by the case with Chateau Select delivered free!

The main sparkling wines are red, ros? and white, but there are a great many different tastes between those three. So many in fact that it is nigh on impossible to say which is the best sparkling wine out of so many.

The best, as we have discussed on other pages for Red and White, is what you want it to be, what your palate decides it likes best. The best sparkling wine like any other wine is not decided on the price of the bottle!

Deciding the best on the basis of cost alone just doesn?t work, and it will never work because we taste things so differently.