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Wine tours in Portugal?s stunning Douro Valley, Oporto and the Vinho Verde.

Portugal?s Douro valley, and the river Douro that flows within it, is a spectacularly beautiful place. And sparsely populated too, with more and more of the land being given over to terraces of wines and olive orchards each year. The Douro region is one of the most expansive mountain vineyards in the country.

Wine tasting is a tradition here in the Douro valley, which had the distinction in 1756 of being the first properly demarcated wine region in the world. Well known and popular then, ideal for tastings and wine tours.

The wine tasting here is not just for the locals though, as the British and other European countries have quickly caught onto how popular it has become and it is now one of the major regions of Europe for organised wine tours.

How lucky then that Bill knows the Duoro Valley region like the back of his hand. As a respected wine buff and on-line  wine merchant, Bill has many friends in the Douro, and in Portugal?s other wine regions around Oporto and the Vinho Verde. It goes without saying Bill has an extensive knowledge of their wines.

Why not join Bill on one of his wine tours in Portugal this year? Combine a fun trip with your hobby, or interest in wine and meet some like minded people who may indeed become friends for life.