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Wine tasting weekends with Bill Warry at Chateau Select.

All credit due to merchandisers of other products, where a group of prospective customers are gathered together and told all about products the host wishes to sell.

However, often these take place in someone?s house, like, say, the dreaded tupperware parties of old. They don?t resemble a wine tasting weekend in any way, even though they might attempt to be fun.

No. A good wine tasting should be great fun, and a weekend holiday break full of wine tasting could probably make you some lifelong friends into the bargain, along with being able to accrue more and more knowledge about various wines.

Now, the host of our wine tasting weekends is no less than Bill Warry himself, the founder/ owner of Chateau Select, London wine merchants in SW6. Bill has a huge depth of wine knowledge that few can match, and he has a wonderful personality to boot, which is sure to put you at your ease as soon as you meet him.

So if you are interested in joining other like minded people on a wine tasting weekend, we can assure you ours are great fun and you will learn all about wine at the same time.