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Wine tasting

As a moderate drinker, Bill is often caught napping at wine tasting events. Especially in the daytime. This is because he admits to arguably one of the worst sins in the wine tasting world. Yes, Bill will take in the aroma, sip the wine, swill it around the mouth with the best of them. But then he will conveniently forget to spit it out!

It is great fun to watch, and after a while doing this, one can see that other guests at the tasting believe he is having far more fun than they are. Often this is true, and he is happy to plead guilty as charged.

Much better to attend wine tastings in the evening, as the wine has less of an effect at this time, or the effect is not as noticeable as in the day. Who knows.

Either way, Wine Tastings are fun, and one can learn an enormous amount from them by listening to what the experts say and talking to fellow guests about the various wines on display. In the wine industry knowledge is King, but though it is difficult to give detailed advice on topics such as this, we have two pieces of advice to impart when you are at a wine tasting:

1)  Treat it as an experience, but a fun experience and don?t take it too seriously.

2)  Take someone with you who will stay sober and drive you home!