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London wine merchant

Bill Warry founded Chateau Select, an independent London based wine merchant, more as a hobby than a business, but probably because of his enthusiasm for his favourite topic, the business began to flourish. Nowadays Chateau Select is established amongst the ranks of other online wine merchants in the UK and further afield.

Chateau Select is located in Sailmaker?s Court, Fulham, SW6, London. Some people would term Chateau Select as being Vintners, a superb term, but Bill prefers wine merchant. It's down to earth and means the same thing really.

Even in this day and age the wine merchant business is still quite heavy work in a quiet way. Even though cases are delivered and unloaded from lorries via a fork lift truck, they still have to be manhandled into the warehouse and stacked by hand.

Cases are probably easier to handle than barrels though because of their relative shapes, but both are heavy and a certain amount of muscle is required to move them. And of course, that only applies to wine incoming! The process is reversed when the wine is sold.

Bill and his company Chateau Select send out anything from 1 bottle to several cases of wine by courier and he is one London wine merchant who refuses to charge for goods in transit!