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Wine delivered free to your door from Chateau Select

Even the odd bottle or two becomes heavy if you have to carry it any distance, though most people can manage to get it to their car without damage. But a whole case of wine?

That is something else entirely, and is precisely why Bill Warry at Chateau Select, the London and online wine merchant, has wine delivered to your door free of charge.

If you buy a case of any wine from Chateau Select it will be delivered free of charge to your home or wherever you designate in the UK - even if it is a gift. After all, a full case of 12 bottles is more than most people want to carry any distance. We ensure that you do not have to queue in a shop for your purchase, you do not have to carry it to your car and load it in, nor do you have to carry it from your car and into your house.

All you do is make your purchase online from the comfort of your home. And your wine is delivered. It?s that easy - Chateau Select has wine delivered for you to enjoy at your leisure.