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Buying wine by the case - deals!

One of the disadvantages of buying wine during your weekly shopping trip to the local supermarket, is that wine is heavy and awkward to carry even for short distances from trolley to car, especially if you are buying a case or two. It is one of the delights of buying wine-on-line that wine is brought directly to your door.

How do we ship it at Bill Warry's World of Wine? Most of our wine is stored and delivered by London City Bond, established professionals at getting wine to the customer. Sometimes we ship via 48 hour track and trace Parcelforce.

For very large quantities of multiple cases we will usually opt to send by a pallet company.

Wine cases by type

Red wine
Case of red wine
Rose wine
Case of rose wine
White wine
case of white wine
Cases of Champagne and Sparkling wine


Free delivery on 12 bottles of wine is quite a bonus because of the sheer weight involved in the shipping. So when you buy wine by the case from Bill Warry's World of Wine, all you have to do is order and pay online. We handle the rest.

You do not have to visit your local store and you do not have to carry a heavy case of your favourite tipple into your car. Nor do you have to unload it either because it is delivered to your door. All you have to do is to relax and drink it at leisure!

Buying wine by the case from Bill Warry's World of Wine is absolutely the best method of obtaining a great wine without even having to leave your chair.