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Wine shops and online wine shops

Wine has gained, during the past twenty years, both in quality of mass production and in popularity. Main outlets are: Supermarkets, off-licences (including corner shops) and on-line shops such as this.

It is interesting to note,  if one walks down the aisles of the a supermarket, that whilst large amounts of ?half price offers? are engineered at the five pound mark, the shelves are also stocked with many wines priced over ten, fifteen and even twenty or thirty pounds.Although we offer some of the more expensive wines too, the bulk of our offers are in the six to ten pound range (and these include what Bill call?s the government?s ?pleasure taxes? of approx. ?2.05 per 75cl bottle and 20% Value added tax.

Our target customer is the person who likes good wine, is not just after a bit of alcohol but who enjoys quality wine that is good value. We aim to do things ? First, to provide popular wines that you may have enjoyed at a restaurant: wines like Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc, Hazy View Pinotage,  Don David Malbec. Secondly and more interestingly to provide delightful,  good value wines that Bill has discovered in his travels through Europe that are not necessarily easily found in UK off-licences and Supermarkets. Here we are talking about wines like Bill?s Ros? de Bessan, a frequent medal winner in the Languedoc area of France, Bordeaux wines such as Chateau Relais de la Poste, a gold medal winner and Greek wines such as Ktima Biblia Chora Estate White, a gold medal winner that has been awarded 90 points by Robert Parker.  Being half Greek with a certain knowledge of wines from Greece and Cyprus, Bill hopes to develop a speciality in wines from these countries.

Every so often we find some bargains, bin ends, job lots etc. These are announced in our Newsletters and our Special Offer pages.

Ordering on-line from us is also a convenient way of giving presents. If you don?t know what type of wine is liked by the person receiving your gift you can order a gift-voucher. If you do know the person?s tastes you can order a case and have it sent with a special message on your behalf. There are also some special recommended wine gifts.