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Chateau Select, the online wine shop

If you are buying the odd bottle for a party or dinner, a shop or supermarket represents convenience. Even if you are buying just on impulse, you pop into the shop and come out with your bottle.

When you don?t need to make a quick purchase, though, on-line shopping has a lot going for it when it comes to buying your wine.

There are three principal advantages:

  1. You will often be able to locate wines that you discovered and enjoyed at restaurants and want to order for your own entertaining at home.
  2. You will find many interesting wines that have been ?discovered? by the site owner and which you might not easily find at your supermarket or off-licence.
  3. You don?t have to lug it around. The wine is delivered to your door.

Bill has a carefully chosen range that is a mix of finds he has made at wineries and trade tastings, and of well-known restaurant wines such as Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc and Hazy View Pinotage.