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Greek Wine - UK suppliers and importers

Greek wine, UK suppliers and importers

Choose from great Greek wines, from Bill Warry, good Greek wine suppliers and importers and collect for an added bonus!

Greeks living in the UK and people who have holidayed in Greece and Cyprus often miss the unique flavours and character of Greek Wines. There are certain niche markets that Bill is anxious to cover.  Greek Wines is one of them.

The most well-known Greek Grape varieties, are Assyrtiko in the whites (particularly from Santorini) and Xinmavro and Agiorghitiko in the reds. Cyprus is mainly known for its own indigenous grapes, particularly Xinisteri in white and Mavro and Maratheftiko in red.

Greece has many other indigenous varieties in addition to the well-known ones. Roditis (a white) is one of Bill?s favourites, but there is also the highly aromatic Aidani, usually used in a blend with Assyrtiko, but some wineries produce a very nice 100% Aidani. Robola is another white, almost exclusively found on the island of Kephalonia (of Captain Correli fame). In reds we also have Mavrotragano, Mandilaria and Maratheftiko. There are many more, specially in the whites.

Earlier in the year we started offering Estate White from Ktima Biblia Chora. We will soon be offering their Ros? and their red. The white is a superb blend of indigenous Assyrtiko and Sauvignon Blanc. Robert Parker 90 points.
We are now bringing on ten new Greek wines to our list. In this first selection as with Biblia Chora,  we are majoring on wines from Alexander the Great?s homeland in Northern Greece. The high ground there makes for excellent climatic conditions for quality vines growing.

We have chosen three excellent wineries:  1) Ktima Ligas in Pella, an area known since ancient times, for its abundance of vines. On the limey and well-drained soil of the gentle slopes of Pella, the Ligas family follows organic farming principles to produce fine grapes of both indigenous and internationally known varieties.  2) Oinogenesis Winery in Drama, Macedonia. 3) Ktima Kir Yanni, a vineyard named after the winery?s original founder Giannis Boutaris ? now Mayor of Thessaloniki. Although no longer owning Kir Yanni,  the Boutari family has vineyards all over the major wine centres of Greece including a much visited one in Santorini.

So there is a start on our Greek collection with a focus on Northern Greece. We hope soon to be able to offer you wines from other parts of Greece. The next area of Greek wines on which we focus may well be the famous Santorini .