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Wine distributors in the UK

When you think of the term wine distributors it brings to mind a large van, or one of those huge lorries with curtain sides, which whizz past you on the motorway. And in a sense you would be correct in thinking just that.

But usually those large lorries are making wholesale deliveries to shops up and down the country. And those deliveries may include wine, but an appreciable amount of the contents will be soft drinks, spirits and even tobacco products - not just wine, and they are not wine distributions per se.

In contrast, Chateau Select are UK wine distributors, pure and simple. You want a bottle and we send you a bottle; you want a case of wine and we deliver a case, and these days this flourishing business is distributing wine which has been ordered online.

Chateau Select believe that their part in the wine distributor?s chain is a vital one because clients expect good service even when the delivery of their purchase is completely free. With us delivery is free when a case or more is ordered. Chateau Select pull out all the stops to ensure that your wine is packed and on the carrier lorry as soon as is humanly possible.

Not all wine distributors are quite so swift in their endeavours as we are aware, so it pays to deal with us because we have a vested interest in delivering your goods in time and intact.