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Buy wine online

Buying anything is so easy these days that you could exist without going to the shops at all - if you wanted to that is.

People have their groceries delivered direct to their door, large items for the garden travel through the night to be presented to you just after breakfast, and so it has become with wine, especially wine by the case.

Just think about this - you know a little about wine and you have seen some on our Chateau Select website, which seems to be a great purchase. But you are reluctant to get out the plastic and buy your wine on a computer.

Fine, but think of the effort you have saved yourself when you buy wine online: getting the car out and having to search for any number of the many wine merchants in your area, parking (if you can), standing in a queue whilst the people in front of you deliberate with their cash, and finally loading a case of your tipple into the car. Then you still have to unload at the other end and cart a heavy case into your house, having spent quite some time doing so in the process.

Why? Why do people put themselves through all this pain. Why do they think they have to lug cases of wine into and out of their cars when there is a far, far easier way?

Buy wine online and save yourself all this strife. You go online when you have time, select your goods, pay for them and they are dutifully delivered to your home. And while other merchants may charge for delivery, our Chateau Select delivery is free of charge for a case of wine or more.