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Wine reviews for ordinary wine drinkers

In terms of Wine Reviews, we do not necessarily look at individual wines in great depth, more looking at certain aspects of the wine industry: good wine, wine to be avoided, fine wines and much more, but much of all this depends on the drinker's preference.

We have mentioned this in other sections, and you can read all the wine reviews you like, but most probably the views of the writer(s) will not agree entirely with your own. We feel that the best wine reviews come from a personal appreciation of wine.

Moreover, and we have also mentioned this before, a wine reviewer will often be a professional wine taster whose palate is far more ?educated? than yours or ours. And that being the case the expert reviews writer has little to no bearing on what our own findings may be.

It literally boils down to your particular preference for a certain red, white, sparkling wine. Take advice, but otherwise if you like it, drink it.