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'The Gourmet's Guide to eating well without breaking the bank.'

That is the title of Bill?s new book  available now on Amazon, both in paperback and in a Kindle version (link) 

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Known as a wine-lover and owner of this site, Bill is a food-lover every bit as much as a wine-lover.

He explains that when he refers to ?Gourmet? he is using the word as the French use it: ?one who likes fine food?, not as the English often think of it as something to do with silver service.

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He goes on to comment that we are living in austerity times where vast sectors of the population are struggling to keep a roof over their head and to eat at all. The 'foodie' will often need to stretch his budget to the maximum to continue to eat in the style to which he is accustomed.

As Bill is half Greek, many, though not all of the mouth-watering yet economical-to-prepare recipes are based on Greek culinary tradition, often having passed orally through the generations from his ancestors. The recipe for Souzoukakia Smyrne-i-ka, for example comes down, in a slightly modified form, from his Greek Grandmother who was from Smyrne.

However, the book is much more than a collection of tasty low-cost recipes. It is a whole approach to eating well yet economically, and looks at how one buys food and how one sequences meals to incorporate left-overs into tasty new meals.

Contents include 10 economic meals you can prepare with Minced Meat, Tasty Cheap Cuts, 8 different Vegetarian Meals, 7 Meals you can prepare for under a pound.

As might be expected from Bill Warry's World of Wine, the book includes some wine suggestions to go with the meals. These are rather general suggestions. We will be reflecting on more detailed pairings of wine with the individual recipes in the book in future blogs.

Available on Amazon now, there is also a pdf version that is offered FREE to subscribers to Bill's wine newsletter.