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How many calories are there in your wine?

As a nation we are increasingly reminded about our calorie intake, and sometimes the question arises as to how many calories are there in wine? Well ok, we can answer that one well enough, but we need to qualify the question somewhat, because your calorie intake depends on what sort of wine, and how much of it you drink.

If you are worried about the fat content then don?t be because alcohol itself does not contain fat. But it is jam packed with calories which can certainly be a cause for concern should you imbibe too freely.

When we ask how many calories there are in wine it depends whether we are drinking a glassful or a whole bottle, but what we have discovered is this per 120 ml glass:

Wine type Calorific value (approx.)
Very Dry white


Medium white 87
Sweet white  110
Dessert wine 226
Sparkling white 87
Ros? 83
Red 85

The table above is just one of many varying accounts of the calories found in wine, as is the information below.

Dry wine contains far fewer calories than sweet wine for certain, and if you have an average glass of dry wine then your calorie intake is about 106, and you can make that 226 calories for the same sized glass of sweet dessert wine.

So if you have a glass of dry before dinner, another one during dinner and a glass of sweet dessert wine at the end you are racking up around 400 calories, which if you are unfortunate, or fortunate, depending on how you look at it, can settle on your waistline.

The important thing is to drink in moderation.