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Wine information for the ordinary wine drinker.

Bill Warry, owner and founder of Chateau Select, is an absolute mine of information on various wines from all around the world. His business, as you may have read elsewhere on this website, started as a hobby a few years ago now, due to a love of the subject and a desire to share this with others.

However big the business grows, Bill will always aim to share his knowledge on wine - practical hints and tips for the ordinary enthusiast without the 'wine snob' overtones.

Obviously, the topic of Wine Information is far too large to be covered in one page alone so we aim to split it into separate areas, including:

  • Wine storage
  • Personalised wine
  • Wine investment
  • The basics of wine serving

The above is designed to provide enough Wine Information about these topics to help both total amateurs and those who have some knowledge and experience as well.

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