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Bessan Chardonnay Rebus


Price: 113.76 ((9.48 per 75cl bottle. Case of 12. Bessan Chardonnay Rebus. FREE UK delivery on orders of 24 bottles or more).)

Aromatic and fruity Chardonnay. Well balanced.

Tasting Notes
A nice pre-dinner drink. Excellent with fish dishes and chicken in creamy sauces. Serve at 10 to 12 degrees.

Languedoc, France.


Warry Warble
A word picture puzzle draws attention to this label. A cart in French is ?Charriot?so we have ?char? as a shortened version. Then we have the musical note ?do?, then a nose ?nez? in French. So phonetically we get ?Char-do-nez? or ?Chardonnay?.

Although we have a bit of light fun with the label, we get down to serious stuff when it comes to winning medals, a medal somewhere every year, culminating in the m?daille d?or - Chardonnay du Monde 2013.

This wine is part of our mixed Bessan special:

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