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A FREE voucher for 20 worth of food and drink at Greek Deli, Store St, WC1


Price: 0.00 (FREE when you collect from Store St wine from our list that are marked with a Greek Flag.)

We?d like to invite you to taste more Greek wines!

Our prices for orders of a dozen bottles of our Greek Wines, include, as always, delivery to your door, but for those of you who live in or around London, we?d like to extend a special invitation for you to try out more special Greek Wines and produce.

All the wines marked with a Greek flag on the product pages (and ONLY the wines thus marked, are held at the Greek Deli ,29 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS. If you are able to collect your case in person, we will be happy to give you a ?20 voucher to spend at the Deli?s wine bar: Try some other glasses of wine, eat some of the Greek delicacies, sit down and share some wine with your friends. The choice is yours (does not apply to take-away produce).

Simply when you order your case add to the cart this request for a FREE ?20 Store St voucher. We will know not to despatch your wine and instead will e-mail you a special numbered voucher for you to enjoy an extra ?20 worth of purchases for in-store consumption at the Greek Deli when you collect your wine.