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Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc


Price: 116.00

(9.70 per 75cl bottle. Case of 12. Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc includes FREE UK delivery on orders of 12 bottles or more)

2012/2013 White wine

In 2009 St Clair introduced Marlborough Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc. Bishops Leap has since become a top selling Sauvignon Blanc in London restaurants. It's the main Marlborough Wine that we promote, our most favourite and we will soon make available the whole range of Marlborough Wines from St Clair. Refreshing and aromatic with gooseberry, passion-fruit and honeysuckle flavours to boot.

Tasting notes
A delightful aperitif and favoured accompaniment to seafood starters, crispy green salads and goats cheese.

Marlborough NZ


Warry Warble
Marlborough wine is famous not just in New Zealand, but the whole world over for its quality and sophistication. Our favourite winery in the region is St Clair who have won international acclaim for their premium ?Pioneer Block? Marlborough wine. This core brand range comes from small parcels of land with outstanding fruit and where the terroir sets the resultant wine, leagues apart from its neighbours.

Why Sauvignon Blanc is so popular

You are unlikely to find a restaurant in the UK without Sauvignon Blanc on its wine list. It is one of the staple favourites along with Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay (in whites).

What gives it it's popular appeal? Usually its aroma for a start. Citrusy, floral notes that follow through with flavours of lemon and lime and sometimes other fruits. The French major on it in whole regions like Sancerre.

There are of course, Sauvignon Blancs and Sauvignon Blancs. They are not all born equal and some become less equal through adversity such as bad storage conditions. The cheaper ones have lost nearly all their citrusy aromas ? or maybe never had them in the first place. Terroir, climatic conditions, weather during harvest, the winemaker's skill, all play an important role in the way the wine turns out.

What sets Bishops Leap apart?

See our short video on Bishop's leap

Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc is an example of a consistently fine Sauvignon Blanc with lovely, fresh aromas and pleasing levels of acidity, making it a great accompaniment both to seafood and to white meat as well as pasta or quiche and it is very quaffable on its own.

Grapes of different varieties are often blended in wine-making. What is unusual here is that grapes of the same  variety from two different locations are blended together. They bring, in equal part, Sauvignon Blanc grapes  they grow in their Awatere valley vineyards and ones they grow in their Wairau valley vineyards, the terroir of the former providing herbaceous and mineral notes and the latter bringing to the wine flavours of ripe, tropical fruits.

History of Bishops Leap

It comes from Marlborough in New Zealand and is produced by winegrowers, Neil and Judy Ibbotson who were amongst the first to make wine in Malborough.  They planted their first vineyards in 1974 and created their Saint Claire Estate in 1994.with 100 hectares of vineyards in six different locations within Marlborough.

Did you know? The name, ?Bishops Leap?, is itself linked to the Wairau Valley. It is the name of a craggy cliff above the Wairau river. According to a local legend a Bishop of Marlborough was being chased by Maori warriors and leaped to his death there.

From the outset the Ibbotsons have produced medal-winning wines. They entered three wines to their  very first competition and won three medals.

With their Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc we have a light wine of 12.5% ABV, crisp, well balanced with nice levels of acidity, bursting with fruity aromas and flavours. No surprise that it is a popular choice in London restaurants.